Hey! I’m Casey – Some of you may know me from around town (I grew up in Livermore), but a lot of you have never met me before.

I’m a petite woman standing at four feet and eleven inches tall. My kids are my everything – I have a son who is five and a daughter who is two and a half. Baseball is my favorite sport, and while I prefer the Giants, I don’t hate the A’s. Reading is a passion of mine; luckily my kids also share my love for reading! Essential Oils are life – I got an oil for everything!

I started my photography business back in 2010 when I decided that I wanted to capture families as they are today, and not who they want to be months down the road. What exactly does that mean to me? I’m so glad you asked 😉 It means that I see beauty in every person I encounter. I find the details that make them unique, and have a way of capturing personality on camera.  I always heard my friend’s family members make excuses growing up like “when mama loses weight we will take photos”, “when dad gets that raise we can afford it.” Luckily for me, my family at home and extended didn’t care what they looked like in the present, they didn’t care if it wasn’t affordable – they just made it happen. I fell in love with looking at these memories of my siblings, cousins, and older generations at such a young age, and I am thankful for that little piece of strength that comes from within to capture as you are, and not who you want to be. I took this as my business model and ran with it. I try to keep my pricing competitively affordable, and am always flexible in barter if its truly out of price range. I’ve traded for hair and nail services, for babysitting, for car maintenance, ect. I believe in coming as you are, and being who you are – not who you want to be.

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