Ayda’s mommy posted a photo of her daughter in a group we are mutually in on facebook for moms in the East Bay Area. I immediately commented that I wanted to photograph her daughter and asked her if she would be up for a free session. We connected and set up a date to meet up and I’m so thankful they did. HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS FAMILY!?


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Hi Mama,

Kids are a stressful element when it comes to planning your perfect session. You want this to go PERFECT. You want your sons and daughters to have the perfect outfit, styled hair, clean teeth and hands…the works! I totally get it – I’m a mom too.

Due to me being a mom, I also understand that kids are rambunctious. They play, they climb, they shuffle in the dirt, they make messes.

I promise if you let your children be who they are, you will love your images so much more.

Let them play. Let them dance. Let them sing.

Please allow me to guide the session by asking questions, playing games, and allowing fun.

Kids will be Kids!

Lets book your playful session today!


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